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Trailer Delivery To Your Location:


  1. Online Trailers USA will deliver to your home or business location for an added delivery fee. Depending on the trailer size, the typical delivery charge is $2 per mile from the factory location to your home/business.
  2. A deposit is required at the time of order and must be paid via credit card to Online Trailers USA.
  3. It typically takes 2-3 weeks to manufacture a “standard” enclosed trailer.  The timeframe to complete a “concession” trailer is a bit longer.
  4. Once your trailer has been custom manufactured, you will be contacted by an Online Trailers USA representative to schedule a delivery.
  5. At this time, the balance of your purchase is due via a bank wire transfer or a cashier’s check.  Payment will be made to “Online Trailers USA”.
  6. Once payment is made, your custom-built trailer will be delivered to your home/business.
Our location:

91 Harvey Vickers Rd, Douglas, GA 31535